Graphis Master: Grupo daDá Showcases our Curiously Wondrous World

Graphis is honored to present Grupo daDá as this week’s Graphis Master

Our world is one that is increasingly threatened. From ecological crises to perpetual infighting, the earth as we know it has endured a great deal of strife. And yet, there are a great deal of us who recognize the fate that we are walking into via the consumerist and capitalist heavy practices that we live by. We try to stop the ever-turning wheel of self-destruction, but in our goal to chase the almighty dollar, we have forsaken our home.
And yet, a few are constantly reminding us to remember the toll this will inevitably take on our world. Grupo daDá is one such team, taking it upon themselves to showcase not only stunning brilliance, but also to demonstrate meaningful work that speaks to the issues that plague ours and upcoming generations.
Working with multiple countries including Ecuador, Spain, Indonesia, France, Holland, Brazil, Germany, and many more, the group has worked tirelessly to speak to the eco-crisis and perpetual racism that we are living through. Their work reminds us that even though we are flawed, our humanistic drive gives us the gift to be self-aware and recognize those flaws. Grupo daDá ultimately is reminding us of our humanity, of the need to work toward self-improvement. Therefore, Graphis is proud to honor the collective as this week’s spotlight Masters.
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