Advertising: Tantalizing New Works From Milwaukee

The intriguing works from BVK and STIR showcase the Wisconsin city’s growing inspirational power

Self-improvement is an integral, if oft-overlooked aspect of our lives. It takes time and effort, moving slowly and intermittently. There’s a back-and-forth to it, with a great deal of dedication needed to see it through. It seldom earns immediate results, something that today’s generation simply does not have time for. And yet, it is a necessary undertaking, one that could upend a stagnate existence and propel one into a life of comfort and high self-regard. Which seems to be the focus of these standout advertisements.
Graphis is honored to showcase these whimsical and inspiring works from Milwaukee-based agencies BVK and STIR for our weekly advertising spotlight. Art Director Jeff Jasinowski‘s work, Transform (ABOVE, LEFT), is a stimulating advertisement that demonstrates the fluidity in which one changes. From a student, to a graduate, to finally a trade expert, Jasinowski‘s gold-winning work for STIR is one that points out the ways in which one can better oneself’s life via an education. It’s a poignant message, one that is increasingly important for individuals to know.
BVK’s Art Director Matt Herrmann‘s project, Dominate/Submit (ABOVE, RIGHT), also demonstrates the need for self-improvement, albeit via physical ways. The painful endurance needed to compete in the National Endurance Barefoot Water Ski Championship is one that is pointed out through the tagline, “one will dominate, the rest will submit.” The use of a medieval type font to construe the event as nearly barbaric in its pain also turns the advertisement into a playful irony that is both serious and yet jovial.

A bit more humorous is Art Director Scott Krahn‘s advertisement for BVK, entitled Punishment (ABOVE). With a team of construction workers hacking away at the bottom of a giant foot, the suggestion is that the pain from the imminent Barefoot Championship will feel similar to the hammering, chiseling, and blowtorching that these yellow-vested workers are doling out onto the bottom of this giant foot. It’s an amusing approach to advertise the competition, letting consumers know that they are indeed aware of the hilarity that a championship such as this one can bring.
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