New Talent: SVA’s Eileen Hedy Schultz, Tina Fong, and Carin Goldberg Inspire a New Generation of Designers

The School of Visual Arts continues to cultivate up-and-coming designers

Attention to detail is key to any designer. It’s the nit pickiness of an individual that ultimately elevates any given project beyond the ordinary and pushes it into the upper echelons of design. Whether it’s the attention to editorial handiwork or the parallel alignments between geometrical shapes, any designer worth their salt will know that every aspect of a work—regardless of how small it is—is what pushes a work from good to excellent. And it seems that The School of Visual Arts teaches their students just that.
Tina Fong‘s work with student Yoonseo Chang on their project Lotus (ABOVE), showcases that intense attention to detail that has now become synonymous with the level of talent that is coming out from the New York-based school. Using an illustrator program, Fong reconstructed an “exact image of the [high-speed motorcycle] with the mesh tool.” The intense scrutiny that Fong and Chang put into recreating the motorcycle is impossible to deny, with the final product looking as meticulously put together as the feat of engineering itself. The platinum-winning work is indeed a most impressive feat.


Similarly excellent in presentation is Carin Goldberg and student Doyeon Lee‘s work to create a new look to the iconic New York Times Book Review (ABOVE, LEFT) section. From the impressionist inspired look of the first page to the more somber existentialist mid-20th century aesthetic of the subsequent pages, Professor Goldberg and her student Lee have constructed a look that holds up with the iconographic look and brand that has helped the Book Review maintain it’s eminence through the years.
Likewise, professor Eileen Hedy Schultz and student Yi Hsin Chen decided to redesign the look of the infamous Coastal Living Magazine (ABOVE, RIGHT). In her own words, Chen explains, “I love living and traveling so I chose to design a magazine that introduces a lot of places to live and some interior design patterns.” Using light colors and bubbly, elegiac type font, Chen and Schultz have constructed a refreshing look to Coastal Living Magazine.
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