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“Flick” Magazine Transforms Cinematic on the Printed Page

Abigail Lund is the creative mind behind “Flick Magazine,” a publication that elevates the world of cinematography…

Another Collective’s Hearty Serving of Creativity Inspired by Portuguese Gastronomy

Feast your senses on the artistry behind “Farta,” a publication that pairs creativity with popular Portuguese gastronomy….
Prairie Chic by Trevett McCandliss & Nancy Campbell

From Prairie to Platinum: Trevett McCandliss & Nancy Campbell

When it comes to fashion photography and design, Footwear Plus Magazine’s “Prairie Chic” is a standout project….

Hypnotic Designs Out of This World: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

This week, we have two new featured entries from our New Talent 2023 competition! These two works…

Edgy Editorial for Arca + Vintage Cloth Shopping Made Easy: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

Editorials and shopping for vintage clothes just got a whole lot more stylish with these New Talent…

Golden Brown Gifts + A Haunting House: Photography 2023 New Entries

The Extended Late deadline for the Photography 2023 competition is tomorrow, so enter your work while you…

Music Magazine + K-Design Guide: New Talent Winners & New Entries

From layout to typography, good editorial design is the foundation of any publication and has a significant…

Black and White and Gold All Over: Design 2023 Platinum Winners

Two Platinum-winning design entries utilize the same key colors of black, gold, and white to different effects….

A Notable Node + Magazines for Cars & Children: New Talent Winners & Latest Entries

This week’s round-up of New Talent winning work and new entries come from the ArtCenter College of…

Stylish Shoe Editorials: New Design 2023 Entries

In the world of magazine publishing, design is just as important as the content, especially when it…

New Talent: Winning Work by Art Center College of Design Professors B. Bartlett & A. Huang Luck

Art Center College of Design students were tasked with creating editorial pieces and the results were fantastic.

Design: Award-Winning New York Designers Capture a Cultural Adage Like Few Others

These editorial spreads are a mesmerizing testament to modern design