“Flick” Magazine Transforms Cinematic on the Printed Page

Abigail Lund is the creative mind behind “Flick Magazine,” a publication that elevates the world of cinematography through graphic design. Recently honored with a prestigious Gold in the Graphis New Talent 2023 Awards, Abigail’s project showcases her passion for film and expertise in creating visual experiences. Under the guidance of Professor Bill Brammer at Texas Christian University, she merges the art of film with editorial. Explore how Abigail breathes life into cinema on the printed page. 

By: Abigail Lund

Flick is a high-end publication focusing on the cinematography in new and old films, providing in-depth discussions on techniques, styles, and common themes. Flick maintains a black-and-white color scheme to elevate the branding and best support the various visuals and colors seen in the images from discussed films. The thick weight sans serif in the logo contrasts with a sophisticated serif font, allowing the brand to have elements of strength and delicacy to best support film themes. 

The digital platform shares articles found in printed publications and additional minor writings on current trends and film reviews. This is the central viewing platform for readers, allowing them to read up on the most recent material and stay connected with the community. The printed publication is a special edition that provides a deep dive into the analytical discussions and high-quality prints of scenes to showcase lighting, color, and framing styles. The overall design of the publication creates a clean, sophisticated look while not overpowering the visuals inside. The feature article for this specific publication compares the original 1984 Dune and the 2021 Dune remake. The black background creates a space where the layout feels like a movie screen, bringing cinematography to the printed page. With images breaking the gutter and thin text columns creating a flow of negative space, this editorial showcases how the publication not only studies and discusses visual techniques in films but also integrates them into their designs. 

Flick‘s purpose is to cultivate a community of people with a passion for film in which they can analyze techniques and explore unique methods in cinematography. It captures the energy and emotion felt through the screen and brings it onto the printed page, providing its audience with a collectible piece they can value.

Abigail Lund is a multi-disciplinary designer who craves a challenge and loves to create. She has an eye for the finest details and a love for unique packaging and is not afraid to think outside the box or try new mediums to bring her vision into full light. She recently graduated from Texas Christian University with a BFA in graphic design and is working on honing her skills as a professional. However, Abigail often finds that design bleeds into every aspect of her life and constantly finds new ways to utilize her skills in unexpected places.

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Author: Graphis