Edgy Editorial for Arca + Vintage Cloth Shopping Made Easy: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

Editorials and shopping for vintage clothes just got a whole lot more stylish with these New Talent entries from talented student designers.

Trevett McCandliss and Nancy Campbell are two talented Graphis Masters; not only do they create unique editorials for fashion magazines, but they also teach at Kean University. Their student David Herrera is following in their footsteps with “The Amazing Arca” (above), which was created for a class assignment to create two editorial spreads about a famous or interesting person. David focused on Arca, a singer, composer, producer, and DJ. Born Alejandra Ghersi Rodríguez in Venezuela, her music style is a mix of experimental, hip hop, and IDM, and she frequently incorporates themes of psychosexuality, science fiction, and gender identity into her music. Those bold, innovative themes are mirrored in the boldness of David’s dynamic editorial, which features black and white photographs and thick font. Ultimately, everyone loved the design and thought it was as cool as Arca herself.

Shopping for vintage clothes can be fun, but also exhausting since there are too many disparate outlets without the necessary infrastructure to make vintage shopping simple and approachable. Ty Baron, a student at the ArtCenter College of Design, decided to address this problem for an assignment from professor Gerardo Herrera where students were tasked with creating and branding a unique business capable of solving a problem within its respective market. “Kitcomber: Look Fresh. Shop Classic.” (above) creates a centralized platform for vintage shoppers to search from with a unique and personalized curation. For the brand identity, Herrera wanted to capture the style and energy of the vintage movement and used geometric design elements that allude to the past eras that the clothing comes from while still being modern to reflect the current times. Overall, Herrera learned an immense amount about the research that needs to be done in order to make effective design choices, and as a learning experience it was one of the most successful projects he’s ever completed.

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Author: Graphis