Fashionably Great: Photography 2023 New Entries

This week’s entries to our 2023 Photography Annul competition take high fashion to a new level. From fun fashion shoots to just fashionable living, these flashy photographs are full of life and creativity and show that there are several ways to make a subject look appealing.

Our first entry comes from photographer Michael Winokur. The photo, titled “The Red Turban” (above, left), is part of a personal series called “Crossbody” that was shot at Winokur’s studio. The aim of the series was to experiment with handbags, taking them out of their usual context to use them in new and exciting ways. Here, a red leather bag becomes a turban wrapped around a woman’s head. According to Winokur, “Once a utilitarian object is removed from its function, it can take on a new life as a symbol or an object or art.” The photo itself is simple but striking, with the bag’s bright red color immediately grabbing the viewer’s attention. It’s actually easy to think it is a hat and not a bag!

Our next photo is from another series of fashion photos called “Dream Weaver” (above, right) that was commissioned by Footwear Plus Magazine. With Graphis Masters McCandliss & Campbell as creative directors and Alexandra Carr as head photographer, the assignment involved showing off woven and textured footwear for a fashion feature. To make the shoes stand out, Carr paired each shoe with a completely different look, combining a variety of garments with various colors and textures to give each set of footwear its own distinct flavor and style. Carr also chose to shoot on location, taking advantage of the natural texture of grass, flowers, and trees to create an ethereal and dreamy fashion shoot.

Our final entry is another personal project, this time from photographer Adam Voorhes. Titled “Cocktails” (above), the photos feature white cocktails stylishly arranged and backlit by sunset tones, vibrant plants, and colorful fruits. Each drink also has a spotlight shining directly on them, marking them as the center of attention and the most essential object in the frame. There is something both elegant and dreamlike about Voorhes’ composition, creating a high-class fantasy that the viewer might find themself wanting to get lost in.

The final deadline to enter your work into our Photography 2023 competition is tomorrow. Click here to submit.

Author: Graphis