Another Collective’s Hearty Serving of Creativity Inspired by Portuguese Gastronomy

Feast your senses on the artistry behind “Farta,” a publication that pairs creativity with popular Portuguese gastronomy. Another Collective (Portugal), an agency renowned for blending work with pleasure, serves up this deliciously innovative project as a testament to its free spirit with its Design 2024 entry. 

So we just had to ask, what does “Farta” mean? It is a Portuguese word that translates to “full” or “satisfied” in English, particularly in the context of having eaten enough. As the name of a magazine dedicated to Portuguese cuisine, “Farta” encapsulates the essence of the publication’s mission, and just like a well-prepared meal, it is designed to leave readers feeling satiated, both in their curiosity about the Portuguese food scene and their appreciation for beautiful, inspired design. 

By: Ricardo Barbosa, Project Manager

“As an agency, we have been specializing in food projects in a clear attempt to mix work with pleasure. The advantage of this promiscuity lies in the possibility of spending our days immersed in digital strategies and supporting clients with their brands. Since working with clients always involves some concessions regarding creativity, ‘Farta’ is our way of being a free spirit. A project that might be able to grow bigger than us in a way that we never expected. 

“‘Farta’ is a publication that believes in the value of popular Portuguese gastronomy. It comes into existence to talk about Portuguese cuisine as it is, from a popular perspective: carefully looking at what everyone eats on the streets, when you sit in a restaurant, at a counter to order the daily menu, what we eat at home. It’s about how we cook, season, and scour the world for ingredients to create an identity that is ours alone. It’s about tables full of communion, community, and food.

“Between dozens of carefully printed pages, ‘Farta’ wants to showcase our country’s most iconic recipes, tell the stories of those who prepare them daily, how they come about, proliferate, are gnawed, wolfed down, and devoured. Discover those who cook Portuguese food, popular to the core, nourishing generations and underlining a culture growing across borders.

“This specific edition, Farta’s first issue, is all about Francesinha, a true bulwark of the city of Porto, Invicta’s demigoddess. It is the perfect matter to bring together an array of diners avid for knowledge to discuss the magic around Francesinha and the rituals surrounding it. Farta is a biannual and bilingual magazine that wants to show what the Portuguese food scene is all about. 

“‘Farta’ is an independent magazine without any institutional support or advertising.”

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Author: Graphis