New Talent: Winning Work by Art Center College of Design Professors B. Bartlett & A. Huang Luck

Art Center College of Design students were tasked with creating editorial pieces and the results were fantastic.

The New Talent 2019 competition presented many new exciting designs by up and coming talents. Within the editorial category, Art Center College of Design students took home awards for their eye-catching submissions. Priscilla Chong worked under the direction of Professor Brad Bartlett to create Gold-winner, “Sound Shapes Space” (ABOVE). As Chong explained in her commentary, “Sound Shapes Space is a book that explains the connection between Sound Art and the environment that it lives in. The narrative expands on how sound artists may collaborate, rely on, change, install, or embrace a space with their sounds.​​​​​​​” The book and its seemingly soundproof case was both clever and memorable.
Sam Yen took home Silver for his “JackJack Editorial” (ABOVE). Working under Professor Annie Huang Luck, Yen created a modern magazine with bold visuals. It was explained that, “Each issue takes a single person or subject named ‘Jack,’ and expands into his or her industry/field. JackJack Magazine aims to shed a light on some of these ‘masters of all’ in the world and understand how and why they thrive in so many different ways.” It certainly is a thoughtful endeavor, with both great visual and conceptual design.

Pre-order the New Talent Annual 2019 HERE. All hardcover copies come with a free digital issue!

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