Packaging 10: Platinum-winning work by Morla Design and A New Entry by Wallace Church & Co.

Past winners from Design Annual 2019 and new entries for Packaging 10 meet their clients’ needs with style.

Packaging design is often a complex combination of various components. Platinum-winner “Keller Manni Chocolate Packaging and Identity” (ABOVE) by Morla Design is a great example of such. Along with their submission to Design Annual 2019, they provided the following text about their project: “Chef Thomas Keller reached out to Morla Design to design their new line of premium chocolate bars: K+M Chocolate. Morla Design was responsible for all aspects of bringing the product packaging to market, including designing a 10 SKU line extension, all typography and graphics for packaging, POP, web, labels and gift bags, plus sourcing/supervising all vendor procurement for fulfillment.” The black and white design may have been a minimalistic approach, but it is clear that designers Jennifer Morla and Reymundo Perez III had quite the task set out for them. What they created was quite beautiful and effective.

A new Packaging 10 entry, “Freshpet Homestyle Creations” (ABOVE) by Wallace Church & Co. incorporated welcoming illustrations and a window so viewers can see the quality of the dog food. Designer Diana Luistro, Chief Creative Director Stan Church, and Executive Creative Director John Bruno worked together to create a cohesive package design, and according to their commentary, “The resulting packaging has a farm to table (or dog bowl) esthetic. Freshpet Homestyle Creations is hitting the shelves and getting plenty of positive feedback.” It comes as no surprise, as the product is alluring for dog-lovers and designers alike!

Submit to the Packaging 10 competition by June 25, 2019. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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