Nudes 5: New Entries by Howard Rosenberg, Frank P. Wartenberg & Christopher Wilson

The Nudes 5 competition deadline is fast approaching!

When the beauty of the human form is made into a piece of art by a masterful photographer, the results can be quite stunning. Such was the case for our recent entries to the Nudes 5 competition. “Miki” (ABOVE, LEFT), submitted by Howard Rosenberg is an example of how the body can create unexpected shapes and lines. “Caro” (ABOVE, RIGHT) by Frank P. Wartenberg highlights not only the model’s sculptural form, but also her unique expressions as well.
Last, but not least, is Graphis Master Christopher Wilson’s entry, “Showgirl” (ABOVE). He shared his approach with us along with his entry: “With this series of showgirl images I knew the end feeling I wanted to evoke, but what the end imagery would look like I had no clue. I was just a kid messing around in my Photoshop sandbox, and then I fell into this look and I just knew I had it.” He certainly did “have it” as this series of images is quite spectacular.

Add your work to this unique collection! Submit to the Nudes 5 competition by March 26, 2019! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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