Advertising: Art Director’s John Fairley, Toby Edwards (UK), and Valentino Ristevski (Sweden) Present Excellent Work

Graphis is honored to present the works of these fine art directors

Advertising is an oft-overlooked art form. It’s mass consumption makes it seem as though it is a simple endeavor that does not take too much tact or creativity. But that could not be further from the truth. Before the days of Mad Men, which opened people’s eyes to the intrinsic editorial, artistic, and design efforts that go into launching a nation–even global–ad campaigns, many believed the world of advertising to be cold, unoriginal, and dry.

But these works from Northern Europe propagate the aura instilled from the Madison Avenue-inspired television show. The work from John Fairley of Splash Worldwide, entitled Parker/Jotter London (ABOVE, LEFT) demonstrates the continued brand of excellence from the United Kingdom-based firm. Showcasing the inherent Britishness of the company, Fairley’s campaign uses the Union Jack as a symbol for the company’s strengths–perseverance, stoicism, and elegance. Equally captivating is Toby Edwards’ work for the English National Opera. The silver-winning Aida (ABOVE, RIGHT) campaign incorporates refracting light and a gorgeous monochromatic aesthetic to point to the beauty and vulnerability of the Verdi opera.
Also featured in this week’s advertising spotlight is Valentino Ristevski‘s campaign for Stihl, entitled Boxing Ring (ABOVE). The inventive advertisement utilizes the boxing motif to demonstrate man’s never-ending (and perhaps overdrawn) battle with nature. It is both arresting and yet invigorating, all at the same time.
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Author: Graphis