Design: Australian and American Designers Pull Out All Stops With These Eye-Catching Works

These Gold and Platinum award-winning works show why design matters

Design is paramount to good business. It’s with design that individuals are enticed and cajoled into coming in, buying products, and subscribing to services. From fashion and food to technology and transportation, good design goes a long way in making sure a business succeeds. And it seems that these designers know that, making sure their clients have the best tools available to them to succeed.
Shadia Design’s Platinum award-winning work for restaurant One Fork Short (ABOVE) is a true testament to that belief. With an industrial look for seating and communal approach to dining, Designer Shadia Ohanessian pulls out all the stops to make this restaurant look and feel like a home. The walls are adorned with classic works from Picasso, Van Gogh, and more, ensuring that this dining experience is one to be remembered.
Similarly tantalizing is Dixon Schwabl’s Chocolate Box. The self-initiated idea presents the myriad of ways that designer Ryan Moore would envision chocolate box designs. From psychedelic to minimalist, the gold award-winning designs from Moore showcase his penchant for thinking outside the box and reinventing the wheel, so to speak.
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Author: Graphis