Photography: These Coastal American Photographers See Ordinary Items in a New Light

These US-based Photographers reimagine everyday products with a refreshing look

Photography often makes the most benign look wondrous. From staplers to trash cans, high-end photography can make even the most unsavory suddenly look mesmerizing. That is the beauty and artistry of photography. It is an always exciting discipline that never ceases to amaze and push the forefront of what to expect. And that is exactly what these Photographers manage to do.
Laurie Frankel’s work Stacked Chairs (ABOVE) for Sunbrella proves to be an interesting, nearly Poltergeist-inspired project. With its mesmerizing color patterns, and antique-like walls, Frankel’s photography is exemplary. In her own words, the photographer explains that her goal was to create “environments and eye catching compositions with color combinations that show off both the fashion and flexibility of the fabrics.” That certainly seems to have been the case.
Frankel continues with her calming and beautifully composed Pomegranate Ingredients (ABOVE). With an elegant two-tone background of soft skin-tone colors and a simple presentation of the pomegranates, Frankel’s work for MDSolarSciences is entrancing. Resembling a Still Life photograph, Frankel utilized MDSolarScience’s mission of “Protect your skin. Respect the planet.” as a means of inspiration. As Frankel explains, “we photographed key natural ingredients under bright light, conveying cleanliness of the product along with the beauty and color that stand up under the intensity of the sun.”
Robert Tardio’s self-initiated work entitled Dipped Series (ABOVE) is a similarly simplistic and tantalizing work that plays with form and texture to construct beauty. Using a myriad of daily items, Tardio explains that it was a “personal project based on word play.” So successful was Tardio’s work that it was subsequently used for “as labels for beer produced in a local brewery in Brooklyn.”
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Author: Graphis