New Talent: These Award-Winning Students Think Outside the Box Like Few Can

Up-and-coming students show just how creative the new generation can be

New Talent is the most important thing to any field. Whether it’s technology or publishing, the newest crop of individuals are always the ones pushing the forefront. They take what they learned and evolve it into a new approach, a new look, and most importantly, for a new era. These are the people who are hungry for growth and hungry to unseat the guards of old. They are constantly looking for ways in which to improve. And with the support and expertise of these kind of professors, it’s no wonder that these students have created award-winning work.
Professor Jack Mariucci and Robert Mackall’s work with student Han Sol Ryoo for Weight Watchers (ABOVE), is a testament to that sentiment. The Platinum award-winning work combines both design and products to make for a tantalizing campaign that showcases the inherent difference between enticing, yet unhealthy, junk food and watching one’s weight. In his own words, Han Sol Ryoo explains, “Since people generally gain their weight because of their unhealthy habits, I tried to show the harmful effects of junk foods and lack of exercise.”
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Equally arresting is Professor Niklas Frings-Rupp’s work with students Martina Solakova and Sylwia Askari for Scotch, entitled Furry Situation (ABOVE). The poster showcases the strength of the scotch lint roller, making it a breeze to shave a pet’s fur, one of the most common reasons to even have a lint roller. With the tagline, “Not So Furry After All.” By “exaggerating the affectivity of a Scotch’s lint roller,” the team was able to make the product a whimsical and fun item, a selling point that most other ordinary items rarely have.
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Author: Graphis