Graphis Master: Japanese Designer Takenobu Igarashi Will Once Again Prove He is One of the Greats at his Upcoming Exhibition

The Japanese Master showcases an overwhelming ability to blow his competition away

We are proud to present the Graphis Master, Takenobu Igarashiwho is slated to have his exhibition, “The World of Igarashi Takenobu,” run from October 6 to November 25 at the Sapporo Art Museum in Hokkaido, Japan. Graphis Professional Members will receive a 50% discount at checkout, while non-members will receive a 40% one. Also, a free digital copy will be immediately available upon purchase of the hardcover book. Be sure to order by Thursday, October 11 to take advantage of this offer.
For nearly half a century, Igarashi has showcased an intense dedication to his craft, elevating himself into the upper echelons of design work. Having been on the Graphis radar since 1979, Igarashi has been a favorite of this publication for quite some time, demonstrating an innate knack for all that is arresting and tantalizing in design.
Having gained international acclaim for his axonometric alphabets back in the mid-1970s like the ones featured above, Igarashi has since expanded into other realms of design, such as sculpting, woodcarving, and more materiality-based mediums. His work has been included in 30 worldwide museums, including MoMA. He has won an innumerable amount of awards throughout his career, exhibiting a strong dedication not only to his craft but to the continued excellence of it. Indeed, Igarashi has elevated design so much so that colleagues are now left trailing in his wake, eager to catch up to the Japanese Masutā.
His work and upcoming exhibition will be featured in our upcoming Journal #359, so be sure to pick up a digital or print copy now. In recognition of Takenobu Igarashi’s upcoming exhibition in Sapporo, Japan, we are offering a special deal on his book, Design & Fine Art
To see more of his wondrous work, check out Takenobu Igarashi’s Master Portfolio HERE.
Author: Graphis