Photography: Sleek Cars and Sleeker Shots are the Focus of These American Photographers

Graphis regulars Michael Mayo and Craig Cutler present an eye-catching look into the upper echelons of the automotive world

To many, cars are a thing of beauty. Beyond the mechanical engineering marvel that they are, they are often times handsomely designed and meticulously thought-out. From the angle of the headlights to the curvature of the carbon-alloy body, these cars have as much time and effort put into them as the design of a multi-million dollar jet plane. They are an extension of our modernist love for all things industrial. They are, after all, representative of our technological feats. And these photographers use everything in their artistic power to demonstrate just that.
Michael Mayo’s self-initiated Naval Base Mercedes (ABOVE) shows off a dashingly cool Mercedes AMG as it seemingly flies down the navy yard’s sleek asphalt alleyways. With Mayo’s photographic effects mimicking a car in motion, the Mercedes gives off an air of supernatural speed and precision. Mayo’s work has a visual aesthetic that makes it seem as though it is from a car flick like Gone In 60 SecondsBullitt, or The Fast and the Furious. It certainly points to the creative abilities of the Dallas, Texas-based photographer.

Craig Cutler’s 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Competizione (ABOVE) utilizes a different photographic format, one that is not as artistic as it is showroom-inspired. But the beautiful Italian engineering need no backdrop or stylization. Instead, Cutler allows the post-war car to speak for itself—sophisticated, chic, and wholly too cool for anyone but maybe Steve McQueen.
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Author: Graphis