New Talent: Records and Railways—Some of the Coolest Designs Coming Out SVA

These forward-thinking School of Visual Arts students elevate what we can expect of record sleeves and transportation posters

Professor Peter Ahlberg and student Yoonseo Chang have designed a particularly tantalizing design for Orchestra Baobab entitled Orchestra Baobab Record Cover (ABOVE). The Platinum-award winning work is an otherworldly dimensional wonder, forcing the viewer to compound their field of view with a more abstract title card. It makes the consumer work to uncover the title, all while being mesmerized by the design material.
Professor Paula Scher and student Haejung Jun’s Trans Siberian Railway (ABOVE) is a modernist work that elevates the oft-simplistic Taiga-traversing train to new heights of design splendor. With a less-is-more ethos, Professor Scher and student Haejung Jun channel their inner-60s aesthetics to bring this archaic railway into the 21st century.
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Author: Graphis