Graphis Master Finn Nygaard Inspires A World Worth Fighting For

Born in 1955, Finn Nygaard is a Danish Graphic Designer whose design career spans more than 30 years. Aside from being featured in exhibitions worldwide, his posters and design projects have been displayed in major galleries and museums around the world.

One of Nygaard’s most notable poster designs is highlighted in his poster series “We Are All Equal,” showcased at the Danish Poster Museum in 2013. The featured image (above, left) includes a look inside the room dedicated to the series. It focuses on people and cartoons of all shapes and sizes, ranging from media personalities and political figures, to famous musicians, actors, and writers. The subtitle immediately grabs the viewer’s attention with the words “The faces of racism revealed,” delving into a complex perspective that we can never truly know how deeply rooted one’s racism can be based on who they are and that the fight for equality must continue.

Nygaard’s work has been the subject of numerous magazines, newspaper articles, and books. Though he is primarily know for his posters, Nygaard created the design, color setting, and logo for the Danish Air Transport (DAT), which was a memorable project for the native Dane (above, right). The vibrant colors of the AIRBUS 320 take flight as the plane descends from the ground.

While his poster series explores socio-political issues, Nygaard is also known for utilizing various color palettes and creating pieces that are playful in nature. On the left, he pays homage to the late Shigeo Fukuda, famous Japanese Graphic Artist and Poster Designer. With this design, Nygaard takes influence from Fukuda, who is known for creating optical illusions and portraying deception in his work. The illustration features an angel ascending from a pair of black shoes with a bright red background, representing Fukuda’s passing. On the right, Nygaard illustrates a self-portrait entitled “That’s Me,” in which he chooses not to take the medium of art too seriously and creates a version of himself as a clown. While the two illustrations differ in perspective, Nygaard demonstrates that his art transcends a singular style of design.

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