New Talent: New Entries from Temple University, Tyler School of Art Students Kristin Hinkley & Sabrina Follo

Following a personal project, Tyler School of Art student Kristin Hinkley’s latest entry for the New Talent Annual 2020 holds tremendous meaning for her. The influence for Hinkley’s graduate thesis project began with her own struggles having psoriatic disease since her diagnosis at the age of 12. Having been exposed to countless treatments, she discovered that the societal labeling of the disease as a ‘skin problem’ often distorts people’s perception of its severity, therefore making effective treatment less frequent.

Entitled “PSORI ASSIST” (above), the design for Hinkley’s project focuses on the app she created to elevate the needs for proper treatment, along with finding support for those who suffer with psoriatic disease. “Psori Assist” was also designed with the intent to help empower patients and medical staff to treat the disease with a more effective, holistic outlook. With the support of instructor Kelly Holohan, Hinkley is able to showcase the sleek design of the app interface, while providing significant representation for psoriasis patients.

Student Sabrina Follo chose to pursue a case study project, which delves into UX/UI design. Taking form in both a desktop and mobile website, the project began with an abundant amount of visual and system research. Focused on creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users, Follo was influenced by brands such as Warby Parker and StitchFix, existing performing arts brands, and pointe shoe brands. The product, entitled “Assemble” (above), allows users to take a quiz and explore the site with a virtual assistant.

With quizzes becoming more mainstream in online shopping platforms and virtual assistants serving as a useful tool when it comes to customer care, Follo pushes the boundaries of UX design while utilizing multimedia. Her slogan, “Less time. Less Hassle. More Fun.,” appeals to users worldwide and communicates the need for effective customer care without sacrificing the design aesthetic. Follo’s entry for the New Talent Annual 2020, with the support of Professor Abby Guido, is similar to Hinkley’s, in its ability to create a personal connection with the user or viewer, through their respective projects.

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