Photo: New Entry by Graphis Master Christopher Wilson and Silver-Winning Work by Wray Sinclair

The Photography Annuals showcase the best work of talented photographers, often manipulating various color palettes and utilizing the landscape to add character to a shot. Portraits, in particular, require an element of storytelling. The two featured American photographers are known for the creative approach to their work.

Graphis Master Christopher Wilson expands his vast portfolio with his latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020. Although Wilson frequently shoots in nature and utilizes the landscape to add a vibrant atmosphere to his photos, his newest project focuses solely on the model. Using a palette primarily of blue tones and shades, the photo series showcases the model in three unique angles, the first (above) of which draws your attention to her facial features. Entitled “Showgirl,” Wilson creates his work with the end feeling he wants to provoke in mind, without knowing what the final images will look like. For Wilson, working on an image requires three things: persistence, patience, and faith. By utilizing this system every time, his creativity knows no bounds.

For the Photography Annual 2019, Wray Sinclair chose to pursue a personal project about the life of a cowboy in the American West. Shot in Castle Valley, outside of Moab, Utah, Sinclair wanted the focus to be on the daily chores of a cowboy, displaying the strenuous effort that goes into the work, despite the weather conditions on the ranch. With long hours, a cowboy’s work is never truly over. The earthy tones of the photograph blend together, while the main focus is on the cowboy on the horse in the center. Entitled “Cowboy Work” (above), Sinclair won a Silver Award for his photograph.

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