Advertising: The 90th Oscars Key Art Wins Gold & New Entries from ARSONAL and The Gate NY

In last year’s competition, the Advertising Annual 2019, the main poster advertising the 90th Oscars in 2018 won a Gold Award. Made for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, by Creative Director Ford Oelman, the poster (above, left) highlights the host of the show, Jimmy Kimmel, and his dynamic personality. It blends old and new media in its design and layout, in hopes of showcasing the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking. The advertisement also embraces its role in causing the disastrous results of the previous year during the Oscars in 2017, which was referred to as #EnvelopeGate across social media.

Our Graphis Master ARSONAL marks their return with an advertisement for season 3 of the hit show, The Man in the High Castle, which was released in Oct. 2018. Known for manipulating darker tones and vibrant color palettes in their work, the design agency frequently creates promotional posters for various TV shows on HBO and FX. For this poster in particular (above, right), they wanted to embrace a more positive and hopeful tone, evolving from past seasons of oppression and negativity.

While they would often embrace the provocative nature of Nazi imagery for the show, it was important to give viewers something to root for with the rebirth of the Resistance. Focused on themes of hope and rebellion, the third season takes the show forward in a more positive light. The advertisement showcases the shift in direction with the display of the new symbol in the center.

The latest entry from The Gate NY is adapted from an Australian ad campaign, titled “Think Big.” For those who aren’t familiar with BHP or what they do, the ad campaign is considered to be an ode to what ‘Big Thinkers’ can create when they use the resources BHP mines. With the serenity of the clouds and blue sky in the background, the design highlights the shine and sleek look of the building, drawn from imagination and created to inspire. The advertisement (above) takes influence from intriguing photographs of iconic structures, such as as the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Chrysler Building. By focusing on an unexpected angle, it captures the viewer’s attention and makes us consider the possibilities for the future of architecture.

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