Advertising: New Entries from Adidas Global Brand Design and Young & Laramore for Adv. Annual 2020

With only eight days remaining to enter the Advertising Annual 2020, submissions from around the world continue to captivate and leave viewers in awe. Two of our latest entries include ad campaigns for the renowned sneaker company Adidas and the non-profit organization Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana.

The latest Adidas advertisement from the U.S., entitled “Harden Vol. 3” (above), seeks to create excitement for the consumer and communicate an intriguing story. The unique sneakers featured in the ad were built to enhance the performance of professional basketball player James Harden, along with his seemingly supernatural ability to slow down quickly and create space. Adidas Global Brand Design, with art direction from Mark Dayao, approached the concept through different visual techniques in order to bring the story to life. By combining photography, collage, illustration, time, and motion, the design agency created an enhanced reality that visually demonstrates one of Harden’s most devastating moves on the court.

Design Agency, Young & Laramore, wanted to find a way to make Goodwill a creative outlet for younger women, who are looking for an outfit without breaking the bank. Entitled “Goodwill Craft Your Look Campaign” (above), the concept initially began with a partnership, which would offer Goodwill a form of fashion credibility as a result. Young & Laramore partnered with Pattern, a national fashion magazine published in Indianapolis.

The ad campaign focuses on six fashion designers, creating looks from Goodwill finds. They play both the part of the designer and the part of the model, facing toward the viewer, among a city landscape in the background of the shot. While the featured designers have experience with creating fashionable looks, the ad campaign demonstrates how consumers from any part of the city can do it too.

The final deadline is approaching! Enter your work to the Advertising Annual 2020 HERE.

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