Graphis Master Dan Reisinger Leaves Behind a Legacy of Posters and Logos. Featured in Issue #362

Dan Reisinger was a designer who created countless medals, stamps, logos, calendars, and posters. Most of his applauded work were ones he developed in Israel for multiple businesses. Some of his clients included Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Habima National Theater, and the Israel Defense forces as well as many others. He grew up in a family of artists and creative minds, learning how to paint at a young age. He became a proficient designer and painter in Israel and then later started a career in London. Cultural and political events were among his most established and well known work. His designs are displayed all around the world including museums.

The featured work (above left) for the Maccabiah Games presents Reisinger’s ability to create posters that utilize interesting shapes and colors. The work on the above right, collects years of logo work that he’s done for multiple political and cultural events and businesses.

The above posters showcase more of his intriguing design work.

We were honored to feature Dan Reisinger in Graphis Journal Issue #362. He was interviewed about aspects of his career, such as his philosophy, and the greatest satisfaction he gets from his work. Check out an excerpt below:

What is your work philosophy?

Logic and Magic: Logic for communicating and understanding the client’s needs. Magic in the process of creation.

What is the greatest satisfaction you get from your work?

When imagination finds expression in reality. Turning play into work, and work into play.

Reisinger’s status as a Graphis Master is unchallenged. His influence on the graphic design industry in Israel will be remembered by those who admire him and those who will continue to be inspired by him in the future.

See the rest of his interview in Issue #362 Available Now. And check out more of his brilliant designs in his Graphis Master Portfolio.

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