Poster: New Entries from Lynda Decker and John Madere, A2/SW/HK, and Stephan Bundi

For the Poster Annual 2021 competition, U.S. designer Lynda Decker designs a poster for a photography exhibition dedicated to winter surfers. Entitled “Montauk Winter Surfers Photography Exhibition” (above, left), the poster features a photo taken by Graphis Master John Madere. It advertises an exhibition of Madere’s portraits that he took as surfers emerged from the cold waters in Montauk. Decker’s creative type for ‘Freeze Frame’ accurately suggests that very feeling of cold that the surfers must have felt.

U.K-based design firm A2/SW/HK submit their entry titled, “Staging the Object – Copenhagen Ceramics” (above, right). The design serves as a visual identity for a ceramic exhibition in Denmark. At first glance, the poster doesn’t scream ceramics, but the swirled pattern and the raise in elevation at the center, is reminiscent of clay on a pottery wheel. A2/SW/HK successfully presents their imagery for the museum exhibit.

From Switzerland, Graphis Master Stephan Bundi submits two entries to the competition. His entry “Sweeney Todd” (above, left), features a meat grinder, drawing from the events in the story. Stephan Bundi designs a simple but effective poster for a production of Sweeney Todd, using the pink and red color palette to further establish a fun but dark theme.

The second entry from Bundi is “La Fille du Régiment (Daughter of the Regiment)” (above, right). This is another poster for a production of the play of the same name. Bundi utilizes two different items, a lipstick and a bullet, to represent two of the characters. Stephen Bundi’s ability to use simplicity to express an idea is why his posters are so successful.

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