Design: New Entries from Ken Tsai Lee and Journey Group

For the Design Annual 2021 Competition, Ken Tsai Lee from Taiwan submits his entry titled, “Type Directors Club Annual Exhibition in Taiwan” (above). In his seven-part series, he creates pamphlets, book jackets, pins, and bags for an exhibit in Taiwan. The design consists of various shapes and soft hues. Ken Tsai Lee balances the crowded display of shapes with small splashes of color.

The latest entry comes from U.S design firm, Journey Group. Designed by Greg Breeding, the entry entitled, “The Art of Magic Souvenir Sheet” (above) is a four-part series of stamps that are lenticular in order to mimic a magic illusion. If viewed from different angles, a rabbit can be seen popping out of the top hat, one of the most classic magic tricks. Journey Group’s entry is creative and incorporates the theme of magic into their design.

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Author: Graphis

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