Packaging: New Entries from Jansword Zhu and WPA Pinfold

For the Packaging 10 competition, designer Jansword Zhu from China submits their entry titled “KAISHAN 18 Chinese Spirit” (above). In the five-part series, Zhu designs liquor bottles that aim to express high-end luxury. The work incorporates traditional Chinese elements such as the wooden stopper, the mountain inside the base of the bottle, and the pattern on the box inspired by Dunhuang cave paintings. The box is created to open down the middle and complements the blue tint of the bottle. The gold of the written script gives the packaging an overall elegant look. Jansword Zhu designs sophisticated wine packaging that ties in with the brand’s spirit.

From the U.K., WPA Pinfold submits their entry titled, “An A+ Branding for Acti+” (above). They create packaging for a supplement brand called Acti+. The product is made to look professional and clinical utilizing white and simple colors. WPA used various symbols to represent the different uses for each supplement. The product’s shelf presence is enhanced due to the colors that standout against the white. WPA Pinfold keeps the images simple and memorable for international markets.

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