Design: Platinum-Winning Work by Michael Pantuso and New Entry from Anne M. Giangiulio

For the Design Annual 2020 competition, Graphis Master Michael Pantuso wins Platinum for his entry titled, “Gulf of Mexico Series” (above). His seven-part series is a collection of images that combine nature with human ingenuity. Pantuso strives to blend these two elements in interesting and unique ways. Using symbolism of Mexico, these designs are colorful and utilize the mechanical elements and gears to make up the body of the marine life that can be found on the Gulf of Mexico. Michael Pantuso designs are successfully intriguing while based on both Seminole culture and the Florida environment.

The latest entry for the Design Annual 2021 comes from designer Anne M. Giangiulio. Entitled “Ysleta del Sur Pueblo 2018 Year-End Report” (above), the report outlines the improvements and challenges of the tribe, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo for every year. The seven-part series includes artwork displayed throughout the pages of the report that are reminiscent of the designs and patterns usually found on traditional pottery. Anne M. Giangiulio designs a memorable and functional annual report design that is rich with the tribe’s culture.

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