Poster: New Entry from Stephan Bundi and Winning Work by Superunion, CAO Design, and SJI Associates

For the Poster Annual 2021, Stephan Bundi from Switzerland submits a new entry entitled, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (above, right). The poster advertises a production of the opera by Antonio Vivaldi. The poster image was also used for the program and the flyers. Stephan Bundi uses the image of a banana to represent not only an erotic connotation, but the danger of slipping.

Winning Gold for the Poster Annual 2020 competition is design firm Superunion from the UK. Entitled “Roots and Origins” (above, left) the poster promotes the London Symphony Orchestra’s 2019/20 season. The theme of the show is ‘back to our roots’  displaying the 5-part series with images of a reverse bloom. Superunion creates a vivid poster that successfully draws attention and captures the theme of the orchestra season.

CAO Design wins Silver for their entry titled “Center of Dance” (above, left). The poster features a ballet dancer whose body is fragmented among the type for the Center of Dance at Texas Christian University. The image includes neutral colors and c’s that are out of focus, giving a feather effect. CAO Design’s entry is simple but elegant.

From the U.S., SJI Associates wins Silver for their poster for a PBS program. Entitled “Country Music, A Film by Ken Burns” (above, right), it celebrates the American origin of country music. The image includes iconic American imagery associated with country music such as the American flag, and silhouettes of singers in cowboy hats and boots. SJI Associates designs a bold poster that engages interest in the documentary.

Take the opportunity to submit your best poster designs to the Poster Annual 2021!

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