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Graphis Master: Kari Piippo Boldly Designed His Own Distinct Style

Graphis Master Kari Piippo is a decorated designer known for his striking poster design and illustration.

Photographer Howard Schatz Adds Dialog To Portaits On His Blog

Photographer Howard Schatz is interested in the lives behind his well lit figures Graphis Master Photographer Howard…

Graphis Master: DM9 DDB Ad Agency’s Calling Card

Graphis Master DM9 DDB Ad Agency in Brazil Delivers Wit and Results DM9 DDB, located in São Paulo,…

Graphis Master: Tim O’Brien’s Illustrations Play with Pop Culture

The prolific illustrator brings new meaning to America’s favorite images

Photo: Graphis Master Craig Cutler Shoots Lakeside While Jeffrey Milstein Takes to the Sky

Great photography allows us to see the world in ways that might otherwise be impossible

Graphis Master: Hoon-Dong Chung’s Philosophy on Balanced Design

Hoon-Dong Chung spells out his design philosophy in Graphis Journal 358

Graphis Master: Nick Knight Shares the Performance in His Process

Nick Knight’s Q&A in Issue 357 of the Graphis Journal gave readers a glimpse into why he…

Graphis Master: John Mattos’ Retro Posters Still Make an Impact

John Mattos’ retro posters are recognizable, having impacted film and sporting events for decades.

Graphis Master: Melchior Imboden Drew Inspiration From Travel and Is Paying It Forward

The celebrated Swiss poster designer and photographer has lectured in more than 20 countries.

Graphis Exhibitions: Graphis Recently Held It’s Inaugural Exhibition Program in Atlanta with Resounding Success

Partnering with AIGA Atlanta, Graphis’ newly launched Exhibitions program went off with a bang this last month

Graphis Master: Japanese Designer Takenobu Igarashi Will Once Again Prove He is One of the Greats at his Upcoming Exhibition

The Japanese Master showcases an overwhelming ability to blow his competition away

Graphis Master: Grupo daDá Showcases our Curiously Wondrous World

Graphis is honored to present Grupo daDá as this week’s Graphis Master