Graphis Master Sandi Fellman Transforms Nature and the Human Body Into Fine Art

Sandi Fellman is a highly acclaimed and published fine art photographer. Her fine art photography is displayed in numerous museum collections and important private collections throughout the world including: The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, La Bibliothèque Nationale, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and The Houston Museum of Art. Known internationally for her work, Fellman explores both elegant and romantic aesthetics when photographing nature and the human body.

Fellman utilizes intriguing angles in her photography, often manipulating the focus in the photo, fading aspects of the image. It creates a seamless image, caught in a blur. When working with the human body, in particular, she highlights details of the body and gives them command over the image, instead of the featured model themselves. A ballet dancer, without identity, is shown from the bottom half (above, left). The muted pink tones merge together, with the threads of her skirt collectively caught in motion, and only a glimpse of shine is given focus on her ballet slipper. It is considered both classic and romantic, the way in which Fellman allows the details to speak for themselves.

When exploring her more adventurous spirit, Fellman pursues tattoo photography. Her most notable work includes her collection of 20 x 24 inch Polaroid photographs of the heavily tattooed Irezumi in Japan. The photographs have inspired and informed generations of tattoo artists, specifically in the West. “Body Art,” the successful exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, prominently featured these captivating photographs. One of the images features a solo back piece on the female body (above, right), capturing the incredible line work and detail of the traditional Japanese tattoo.

Fellman’s work combines both classic elements and contemporary styles of art. In her work, she explores the delicate texture of flowers with a painting (above, left), or the human body (above, right), serving as a background. Both works give focus to earthy tones, in which nature is embraced and given a softer overlay.

As a Graphis Master, Fellman does not confine her art style and continues to expand her vast portfolio of fine art, along with fashion and still life photography.

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