Advertising: New Entries from Graphis Master Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Independent Copywriter for Adv. Annual 2020

For their latest entry, advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners created a design that would promote the first touchscreen desktop display. With HP being the first to successfully market with touchscreen technology, our Graphis Master took a creative approach which would highlight the future of online shopping. Entitled “You Touch It, You Buy It” (above), the advertisement displays the unlimited possibilities of online shopping with the touch of a finger. While online shopping for products can often be a hassle, a touchscreen desktop can make the shopping experience easier. Goodby Silverstein & Partners demonstrate the benefits of touchscreen technology for the everyday consumer with their entry for the Advertising Annual 2020.

The Independent Copywriter wanted to transform a print ad into an interactive product demonstration experience, which would suit magazine readers. The ad agency was able to deliver Dyson’s promise of no loss of suction by utilizing an innovative and unexpected approach for the design. The assignment from their client was to communicate Dyson’s signature promise in a new way, that wouldn’t rely only on the description of the main product. Entitled “No Loss of Suction” (above), the advertisement showcases the benefits of the product along with a creative use of text. The latest entry from the Independent Copywriter for the Advertising Annual 2020 effectively highlights the brand’s message in a memorable way.

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Author: Graphis

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