Packaging: New Entries from PepsiCo Design & Innovation and Bratus Agency for Packaging 10

The latest entry from PepsiCo Design & Innovation embraces Egyptian culture. Entitled the “7UP Egypt Limited Edition Series” (above), PepsiCo partnered with Egyptian artist Ghada Wali for the authentic presentation and design. With the 7UP campaign, they wanted to celebrate Egypt’s identity, themes, styles, and various eras. The project focused on celebrating originality and helping people return to their most real and authentic selves.

The collection consists of four vibrant illustrations, with modernized Egyptian patterns, flower embellishments, and kitsch art. By providing an opportunity to celebrate Egyptian culture, consumers can take pride in their identity through a newfound lens. With their entry for Packaging 10, PepsiCo Design and Innovation demonstrate the significance of originality and identity for packaging design.

Similarly, Bratus Agency explores a celebration of Vietnamese culture with their entry for Packaging 10. Entitled “Spring Melodies” (above), the agency designed a special gift set, prepared specifically to celebrate ‘Tet,’ the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. For this project, the agency wanted to revive Tet traditions and modernize its culture values.

The concept of the design takes inspiration from a famous painting of Hang Trong traditional folk art, titled “To Nu.” Also taking influence from the 1920s-1930s Art Deco movement, the illustrations for the gift set include both minimal and geometric designs. Bratus Agency adds elegance and familiarity to a traditional Vietnamese candy packaging and provides global appeal as well. By combining the charisma of Vietnamese women and the beauty of spring, Bratus Agency creates a compelling design for the modern age of Vietnamese culture.

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