New Talent: Gold-Winning Work by Mel White & Kevin O’Neill and New Entry from Jiayi Lin

Syracuse University continues to inspire creativity with their work, by professors and students alike. Both works explore travel and adventure, in a relevant and compelling way. With the use of technology and design, the featured entries showcase the development of modern advertising.

For the New Talent Annual 2019, professors Mel White & Kevin O’Neill for the Newhouse School at Syracuse University won a Gold Award with their entry. Entitled “Airbnb: Live Your Dream” (above), the advertisement caters to the consumer with a wild spirit and curiosity to go beyond standard room rentals. White and O’Neill wanted to showcase the various exciting accommodations that Airbnb can offer. The series of print ads displays some iconic rooms from TV and film, as well as noteworthy art pieces. With their entry, White and O’Neill provide Airbnb with a way for the viewer to enter their favorite fantasy in reality, whether you’re traveling into The Hobbit or Van Gogh’s painting “The Bedroom.”

Student Jiayi Lin, for the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, brings the GoPro to new heights with their latest entry. The series of ads, entitled “GoPro” (above), displays one of the most versatile action cameras in the world in different forms of unique transport. Lin takes a creative approach toward combining technology and design, by showcasing the GoPro in the form of a helicopter, hot air balloon, and submarine. With this entry for the New Talent Annual 2020, Lin demonstrates how the GoPro can be taken anywhere, for spectacular views above and below ground.

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