Graphis Master Allan Weitz Embraces A Journey Never Forgotten With His Nautical Photography

As a graduate of the High School of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Allan Weitz grew an interest in photography prior to a time in which digital meant more than working with your fingers. Early on in his career, he would browse through the awards publications from the AIGA, the Art Directors Club, Print Magazine, and Graphis. It became his goal to one day have his work featured in the Graphis Photo Annual.

In 1980, he was able to achieve this goal, and again the following year, with his series of nautical photographs that appeared on the covers of Nautical Quarterly, a short-lived publication. Two of his most notable photographs from the series are featured above, entitled “Nautical Quarterly” for the client. A third photograph from the series, displaying two red boats, is featured below.

His work has appeared in and on the covers of dozens of publications, including New York magazine, Philadelphia magazine, Esquire, GQ, and Yachting. Fast-forward nearly 40 years into his career, Weitz is taking pictures with gear he never could’ve dreamed possible. He is also writing about his experiences with these new tools, while working as the Senior Copywriter and Web Content Strategist for B&H Photo, one of the largest photo retailers in the world. Weitz is forever grateful for the skills he learned from our publisher B. Martin Pedersen, while working together on the series of photographs for Nautical Quarterly.

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