Advertising: New Entries from Graphis Master PPK and Duncan Channon for Adv. Annual 2020

With only eight days remaining until the final deadline, entries for the Advertising Annual 2020 are drawing to a close. While creativity continues to pour in across the globe, let’s take a look at the latest entries from Graphis Master PPK and Duncan Channon, both from the U.S.

For their newest collaboration with the Florida Aquarium, ad agency PPK (also stylized as PP+K) reimagined expectations for a campaign specifically about Father’s Day. While many utilize the metaphorical tool box, PPK created the anatomy of a fish out of physical tools for their design. Entitled “Father’s Day Tool Fish” (above), they wanted to create a memorable concept for the Florida Aquarium’s special Father’s Day promotion. The advertisement showcases a potential Father’s Day gift, unlike any other, with a compelling design that grabs the viewer’s attention. Used for posters, billboards, social media, and web assets, the dramatic ‘tool fish’ attracted attention for the Florida Aquarium, with an ad campaign that strayed away from traditional Father’s Day gifts. PPK’s latest entry for the Advertising Annual 2020 combines tradition and modern design, to create a captivating advertisement.

In time for Pride Month, Duncan Channon‘s advertisement for the California Tobacco Control Program utilizes the popular rainbow color scheme on the left, while melding a vibrant background pattern and text with a pink shadow effect on the right. Entitled “Social Smoking” (above), they wanted to emphasize how low and intermittent smoking, especially among Juul smokers, is not a safe alternative. There is still great risk among social smokers, many of whom do not know that there is nicotine in Juul pods.

Often, social smokers follow a false pretense for safer alternatives and don’t believe that vaping is considered smoking. With this in mind, they wanted to aid the program with taking a different approach to send a message to Juul smokers. The ad campaign aims to give consumers an “Aha” moment, which will awaken social smokers who are in denial. In order to help instill change, Duncan Channon provided the program with a creative design that attracts attention. Their entry for the Advertising Annual 2020 highlights a relevant issue with a modern and colorful design.

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