Packaging: New Entries from Interweave Group and PH Studio for Packaging 10

One of our latest entries for the Packaging 10 competition hails from across the ocean in Australia. Interweave Group prefers to stray away from labeling themselves as either a design or brand agency. For this company, collaboration and connection are the key elements in providing audiences with a memorable story. In an effort to stand out amongst traditional wine brands, their packaging design for Napoleone is both contemporary and distinctive.

Entitled “Detour Beer-Co” (above), they wanted to utilize a fresh, creative approach for the concept of the design, which would appeal to beer lovers and beer geeks alike. Interweave Group was inspired by the physical and metaphorical detour for the company, referencing the family’s shift from fruit growers to beer brewers. The packaging design displays a modern take on classic road iconography, while celebrating the materiality of the can itself. With their entry, Interweave Group creates a notable reflection of the Yarra Valley place and people, taking detours in life and on the road.

From California, U.S., PH Studio is a design agency, working in consumer packaging and brand identity. Their entry for Packaging 10 focuses on capturing the consumer’s attention with unique color schemes and text, suited for each flavor of “Enroot Sparkling Cold Brew Tea” (above). Tasked with creating packaging design and brand identity for the product, PH Studio provided the client with a distinct and colorful design, which also combines classic and contemporary elements of beverage design.

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