Graphis Master: Advertising Agency PP+K, Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #358

Advertising Agency PP+K is a collaborative team which explores imaginary concepts, well-known for their manipulation of shapes, perception, and dimension throughout their work. They have created influential designs for numerous clients, such as their captivating work for the Florida Aquarium, Pirelli, Tires Plus, Big Cat Rescue, ASPCA, and Serenity Mission. Their designs leave viewers in awe, pondering how the design idea came together, and eager to see more.

The design for Pirelli, a multinational tire company based in Milan, Italy, began with the idea to create an unexpected perspective for the viewer. Appropriately titled “Upside Down” (above left), the ad campaign grabs our attention with the shift in view. PP+K wanted to emphasize the grip and control of the road that Pirelli tires give people. The most compelling and effective design for them involved the literal illustration of showing the car upside down, while it manages to stay firmly placed on the road.

For Tires Plus, PP+K pursued a creative approach to their design. With the beating heart in the center, made out of automotive parts, anatomy and technology merge together. The wires replace human veins, varying in color, maintaining the heart’s function. The ad campaign features the slogan, “We’ve been keeping the heart of automobiles ticking since 1940.” Entitled “Anatomy” (above right), the advertisement highlights what Tires Plus stands for and showcases a compelling design that will leave an impact on consumers.

Among their noteworthy work for the Florida Aquarium is a series of advertisements, focused on the experience of Shark Week, a famous television series on the Discovery Channel. With the excitement and energy built up for the show, the Florida Aquarium requested a poster from PP+K, which would promote their own Shark Week in an attention-grabbing way. The shark in the featured advertisement disrupts the space, breaking through the television glass. With this design, PP+K wanted to stress how you could experience even more drama by seeing all the action in real life at the Florida Aquarium. Entitled “Shark Week For Real” (above), the advertisement makes an impression on the viewer and offers a reminder that seeing the real thing is drastically different from watching it on your screen.

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