Advertising: New Entries from Animal Agency and The Designory for Adv. Annual 2020

With only one day remaining for the Advertising Annual 2020, creativity continues to pour in with numerous entries, as the final deadline approaches. Two of our latest entries include advertisements for the motorcycle company, Confederate, and the luxury vehicle division of Nissan, Infiniti USA.

Based in New Delhi, India and NYC, Advertising Agency, Animal, is an independent team of creatives, whose imagination knows no bounds. Their projects range from brand identity and motion graphic design, to content creation, utilizing still photography, stop motion, videos, and graphics. With a vast portfolio, their latest entry takes a more simple approach, in contrast to their dramatic and colorful advertisements. Entitled “The Art of the Motorcycle” (above), the advertisement focuses on Confederate’s full line of motorcycles, for the brand’s first national print campaign. Against a white background, a motorcycle is split in half, featured in the bottom corners. Animal wanted to position the motorcycles as works of art for display, rather than for actual riding. With their entry for the Advertising Annual 2020, the ad agency showcases one of Confederate’s innovative street motorcycles through an artistic perspective.

The Designory consists of passionate storytellers, who believe in creating ad campaigns that resonate with consumers. For Infiniti USA, the ad agency wanted to elevate the look of the luxury auto brand and highlight the accessories that were being featured in the brand’s campaign. Entitled “Infiniti Accessories Cove Displays” (above), The Designory took inspiration from the glass shelves, to envision a structure that would look like an upward extension of the glass. The design resulted in creating a self-standing “cove” structure that looks like art on display, which provides a central focus on the accessories. The concept for the advertisement presents the accessories as an organic extension of your life with the vehicle. Similar to the Animal Agency, the Designory takes an artistic approach with their latest entry, in order to showcase the featured product in an unexpected way.

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