New Talent: New Entries from Temple University, Tyler School of Art Students Mark Hoffman & Kristin Hinkley

With his entry for the New Talent Annual 2020, Tyler School of Art student Mark Hoffman explores the power of technology. His primary goal for the interactive design project was to find a solution for a pervasive problem in the e-commerce industry. Entitled “Curio” (above), Hoffman designed a mobile application that compiles product reviews, curated specifically for each user by the team of experts at Curio. In order to improve the shopping experience, Hoffman wanted to remove paid postings and fake reviews that are often found online by consumers. By creating a simple and accessible design for the user interface, consumers can shop with ease. With the support of Professor Abby Guido, Hoffman was able to build a brand, hold the concept together, and help deliver the product.

The latest entry from student Kristin Hinkley aims to change the negative association toward social justice. She specifically pursued social justice retreats that are run by campus organizations, which have become popular “crash courses” to help students. Having noticed a lack of resources and organization after reaching out to six universities with these retreats, Hinkley decided to create and design a go-to kit for fellow students.

Entitled “INTERSECT” (above), Hinkley’s design project is a branded educational retreat kit for college-aged students interested in learning more about social justice. It combines comprehensive research and conversational visuals to communicate the idea of different forces joining together in a goal of mutual understanding. Hinkley’s design includes friendly typography, colors, and shapes to provide viewers with an inviting tone that reflects the goal of the retreat. With the support of Instructor Kelly Holohan, Hinkley’s latest entry for the New Talent Annual 2020 delves into a significant social issue without sacrificing her artistic perspective.

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