Packaging: New Entries from Pendo and Virginia Tech for Packaging 10

In case you missed it, the deadline for the Packaging 10 competition has been extended! With 62 days remaining, you can submit your packaging design and join the ranks of entries including anything from cookies and chocolate, to wine bottles, and charcoal packaging.

For the design agency Pendo, Canadian designers Peter Ladd and Don Cleland created a line of dark chocolate products, including naming, product messaging, visual identity, and packaging design. They wanted to showcase the new brand, Blak, as super premium and bold (above). This included creating a packaging design with a sophisticated luxury appeal. High touch packaging details consisted of a matte black, soft touch box with contrasting metallic gold foil. In their entry, Ladd and Cleland provided maximum visual impact for Blak’s new line of dark chocolate products.

The latest entry from designer Meaghan A. Dee, for Virginia Tech in the U.S., strays away from the Food & Beverage industry, commonly showcased in the Packaging competition. Entitled “Luminaria Inspired Packaging and Invitation” (above), Dee was inspired by the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Known for their paper lanterns, or ‘farolitos,’ Dee wanted to create a similar look for her client’s wedding invitations. After researching local pottery and textile design, she integrated those forms into laser-cut farolitos, candle holders, and invitations. By creating a cohesive design, Dee was able to reflect the client’s beliefs and the aesthetic of their home in Sante Fe.

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