Graphis Master: Illustrator Michael Deas, Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #356

Graphis Master Michael Deas offers iconic illustrations, imbued with grace and spirit. His work may even seem familiar to the layman, as he is the creator of the Columbia Pictures logo. His prolific career was featured in the Graphis Journal Issue #356, where he answered a few of our questions about his career.

Here’s a glimpse at our Q&A with the great Michael Deas:

What led you into the craft of illustration?

I was a fine arts and painting major during the 1970s, and needed to support myself. The general disdain my teachers had towards Realism didn’t help much, so after dropping out of school I gradually drifted more and more into illustration.

See more of Michael Deas’ work and Q&A in Graphis Journal Issue #356. Purchase your copy today – click here!

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