Advertising: Platinum-Winning Work by ARSONAL and Lewis Communications, New Entry for Adv. Annual 2020 + Deadline Extension!

At first glance, the two featured advertisements may seem as though they have nothing in common. However, if you take a look through the portfolios of both ARSONAL and Lewis Communications, you’ll notice that they are known for experimenting with color and following unexpected creative directions with their work.

These Platinum winners present a distinct contrast in their art styles. “The Dealer Show Poster Campaign” for Tiffin Motorhomes (above, left) takes on the relaxing atmosphere of going on an adventure, with only the open road ahead. Inspired by WPA-era posters, Tiffin wanted to create a deeper emotional bond with viewers, particularly the community of RV-travelers.

On the other hand, the poster for “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” (above, right) plays with the well-known darker undertones of the show and the theme of the antichrist. Paying homage to the color palette of past seasons, the poster provokes attention with last season’s central figure, while hinting at the evil that is to come.

One of our newest entries for the Advertising Annual 2020 comes from Grupo Dadá in Ecuador with Graphis Master David Chandi, entitled “La nueva potencia China es Baic.” Bringing Chinese cars into the Ecuadorian market, Chandi wanted to display the future of technology, with the infusion of two cultures. The advertisement (above) highlights the vibrant and glossy exteriors of advanced technology, along with earthy tones in the landscape, in order to achieve a campaign that demands our attention.

Want to see if you can be the next Graphis winner? Submit your work to the Advertising Annual 2020 HERE. The deadline has been extended to Tuesday, June 25, 2019!

For inspiration, take the opportunity to check out the incredible submissions from the Advertising Annual 2019 HERE!

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