New Talent: New Entries from Temple University, Tyler School of Art Students Hollis Campbell & Craig Moscony

Our latest entries for the New Talent Annual 2020 feature creative illustrations, drawing influence from the landscape and nature. Students Hollis Campbell and Craig Moscony in the Tyler School of Art, at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, strive to capture the essence of their respective environments.

In his work, Campbell focuses on the nine beaches of Cape May County, with the intention of creating a cohesive illustration. He believes every beach has a personality, which inspired him to design eleven unique beach tags, the first of a seven-part project (above), entitled “Jersey Cape.” The challenge for Campbell, in pursuing this project, was creating a branding system that allowed each tag to showcase the fun and whimsical atmosphere of each location. In order to achieve cohesion, he chose to use a single illustration style to highlight all of the key elements of the landscape. With the support of Professor Abby Guido, Campbell was able to push his illustration skills and create a vibrant representation of the Jersey Cape.

Similar to Campbell, Craig Moscony created a cohesive collection of illustrations. With 26 posters in total, each illustration resembles an insect and is designed to fit the shape of a letter in the alphabet. Entitled “Alphabet Insectorum,” the featured image (above) displays the two posters for letters M and O. Influenced by the harmful bias against bugs, Moscony was driven to create a collection which offered a more aesthetically pleasing representation of the creatures most people have a fear of. He also wanted to highlight the benefits many species of insects provide for our environment, which include the following: recycle waste, spread pollen, eat pests, feed animals, and produce goods like silk and honey. With the support of instructor Kelly Holohan, Moscony was able to create a poster series that celebrates the beauty of these often misunderstood creatures.

If you want the opportunity to be the next featured entry, submit your work for the New Talent 2020 HERE!

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