Water by the Stone Road: Two New Packaging 10 Designs

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! Though only one product this week is specifically marketed to moms, this week’s featured designs take inspiration from the greatest mother of all, Mother Nature.

Tavina is a high-end water product imported from Italy. Their newest merchandise, water made specifically for newborns, is a startup in the Chinese market, so they commissioned designers Tiger Pan, Yahui Wang, and the rest of the team at Shenzhen Tigerpan Packaging Design Co., Ltd. to come up with the packaging. Tavina Baby Water (above) is bottled in a one-liter silk-screened glass whose shape is inspired by Mother Teresa, who has often been depicted holding children. The idea is for the packaging to build up an emotional connection with mothers and babies by inspiring the gentleness of newborns being held by their mothers. The modeling measurements were made carefully so the shape could be both aesthetic and functional: the grooves from the cap to the body lead to a streamlined bottle and allow a mother’s hands of any size to grasp it steadily and easily. Additionally, the cupped cap makes opening easier. Tavina opened up its new market in China and is set to be a strong competitor. The appropriate size, comfortable holding experience, and concise design allow the new brand to stand out and win a large market of consumers.

Designed by Nathan Kim and Eugene Lee at the Art Camp agency, our other featured design is for Stone Road Farms (above). Stone Road is a cannabis producer out of California, who “not only delivers sensations but an emotional experience.” The designers’ aim was to capture the product’s beauty and translate it onto the packaging, so to accomplish this, they used a warm-toned color palette and gold foil for the logo to complement the natural sunlight, with bold florals inside that will catch consumers by surprise. Photography of the northern California farm itself was used to visualize the brand’s promise of all-natural cannabis. The design stands out while delivering a memorable experience: not only does it feel luxurious, but the packaging’s simplicity makes the product the star. All in all, the design “eases the way to the journey with Stone Road.”

For more information about these and other packaging designs, visit Graphis’ main website to check out more submissions in our Packaging 10 competition.

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