Finding Inspiration All Around Us: This Week’s Design Annual 2022 Entries

Whether it’s modeling their own designs from another talented artist or bestowing hard-earned wisdom onto the next generation, this week’s Graphis’ Design Annual 2022 competition entries show that inspiration can be found wherever you go!

Our first entry is “Something’s Off” (above, left). The designer, Carmit Makler Haller, is the owner of Carmit Design Studio in Belmont, California, and while she has been working as a lead graphic designer in the fields of the consumer market, high-tech startups, and luxury real estate, her true passion lies in poster design and typography. She has been a member of the American Institute for Graphic Arts since 2007 and a Mentor since 2020, and has received many prestigious accolades. For this piece, she was inspired by the works of Patricia van de Camp, a Dutch photographer who has been featured in multiple galleries around the world. The design features a red-haired woman with bold crimson lipstick, reflected upside down next to a doppelganger. The woman’s expression is solemn and intense, and the style of portraiture is very much akin to van de Camp’s.

Next is “Irene Solà” (above, right), designed by Anna Farkas from Anagraphic, a design firm in Budapest, Hungary. Commissioned by Magvető, a Hungarian publishing company, Farkas designed this as a book cover for Solà, a Catalan writer who won the European Union Prize for Literature in 2020. The words “Canto yo y la montaña baila” are the title of the first story in the book, which is about a farmer getting struck by lightning. The cover design features the same subject the book’s stories are about: water women, war, the survival of humans and wild animals, and fanaticism, but also stories about beauty and goodness.

Our last design is “Seven Lessons for Dreamers and Makers” (above). The design is part of a book published by the Savannah College of Art & Design and was designed by Theresa Gaffney and Jennifer McCarn of SCAD University Press. “Every student has the power to become their best, most authentic self,” says SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace. “Seven Lessons for Dreamers and Makers features research, stories, wisdom, and insights from SCAD professors, alumni, and other creative pros to help illuminate current and future college students looking for their path in life.” Bursting at the bindings with bright, fun colors and wise advice, the book perfectly encapsulates the energy of the university. However, it’s not just meant for current students or alumni; according to the designers, “this timely new book is for young dreamers, their parents, and educators who devote their lives to helping others discover those dreams.”

Don’t want to stop dreaming just yet? Be sure to visit Graphis’ main site and check out these and other entries in our Design Annual 2022 competition!

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