The Art of Promotion: 2021 Advertising Annual Winners

For advertisers, it’s their job to create campaigns that persuade the public to buy something, travel somewhere, attend an event, and so much more. In this week’s award-winning 2021 Advertising Competition submissions, the creators were able to make posters that, while they promoted two completely different things, were done successfully in their own fun ways.

Greenhaus, an American advertising agency, was given an assignment from their client Visit Newport Beach to promote the town as a perfect place to hold group meetings; this resulted in the creation of “Journey Well Beyond” (above), which received a Gold award in the 2021 Advertising Annual. “The key elements of Newport Beach, CA — the place, the people, the lifestyle — all make it an unmatched destination for group meetings,” Dave Roberts, the project’s art director, said. “Add in the support of our expert group sales team, and Newport Beach offers everything it takes to create memorable experiences and make meeting planners the hero of their event.”

Delivering unmistakable luxury with a wink of self-deprecating humor, the poster extends a friendly and warm welcome while taking the edge off existing perceptions. The poster also invites you to take your own unique tastes, interests, and passions to the next level while visiting: “Move a little freer, indulge a little deeper, explore a little farther, and fly each one of your flags a little higher.” As a result of the well-photographed, well-written campaign (thanks to photographer Erik Almas and writer Pat Emerick), website traffic and engagement with the brand have increased, but what Greenhaus has found most interesting is how fully the client and their stakeholders have embraced the campaign by recreating scenes from print and video with look-alike models at their annual gala.

While Greenhaus was trying to persuade consumers to travel to a certain destination, Sony Music Solutions promoted game attendance and fan support for their client B.League (Japan Professional Basketball League) with “B.League (Japan Professional Basketball League) Opening Game Promotion” (above), a Silver award winner from the Graphis 2021 Advertising Annual. Consequently, Sony Music Solutions made an advertisement for the opening round of the league to attract customers. For their approach, art directors Masaki Oshiro and Takeshi Araki went with conveying a concept of “newness” within their campaign to reflect the new era and stars of basketball within Japan. This idea was developed with a visual that made consumers “feel” the new era of basketball, and it was widely used in everything from season concepts to posters and videos.

As a result of the promotion, consumers responding positively to the ads, and 12,000 people attended the opening game. Oshiro and Araki also added that it was an exciting start suitable for the new age of basketball.

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