Camping in Style: The Jupe Pod and the Bowlus Terra Firma Featured in Journal #369

Gone are the days of plain old tents and RVs, as new ways to camp are featured in Journal #369 that redefine the term glamping.

The first product featured is the Jupe pod (above). Created by Cameron Blizzard, Jeff Wilson, and a team that included former employees of Tesla and SpaceX, the Jupe pod is a sustainable, compact, collapsible cabin that’s adaptable to most terrain and leaves the ground and surroundings undisturbed while providing its inhabitants a great view with lots of privacy. Not only can it easily fit in the trunk of your car, but it can be assembled in only a few hours.

At 111 square feet with an 11-foot ceiling, there’s plenty of space, and anyone is able to walk upright in the pod. The Jupe pod can fit a queen-size mattress and two end tables, and the unit also has hidden storage cubbies and a front-facing façade that can open into a panoramic window. Staying in the Jupe pod does not prevent anyone from using electronics as it has solar energy and battery-powered electrical outlets and USB ports that provide excellent Wi-Fi access. Although it’s not on the market yet, you can visit their website to preorder yours for $17,500.

If you want to travel in something more luxurious and spacious than the Jupe pod, the Bowlus Terra Firma camper may be perfect for you (above). The Terra Firma has overhead skylights, a Zen master bedroom, and an outdoor kitchen setup. It also has HEPA air filters, UVC lighting, and a water filtration system. Pets are not forgotten as the Terra Firma is equipped with a pull-out food tray for dogs (or cats). All of these amenities are powered by a lithium-iron-phosphate that can be managed through touchscreen controls.

The company Bowlus is named after Hawley Bowlus who was an aircraft engineer known for building Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis in 1927. Bowlus soon after built his first trailer in 1934 to help transport flight crews to remote takeoff locations. Since then, the company has continued to produce the best in traveler trailers. Their trailers range from $190,000 to $265,000, with the Terra Firma being at the highest end of the spectrum.

If the Terra Firma appeals to you, but you can’t afford the price, it’s worth looking into trailers made by Airstream, a company that was inspired by Bowlus. Airstream has six different models to choose from that range from $39,500 to $161,900 and has gotten great reviews, including some from celebrity customers like Matthew McConaughey and Ralph Lauren.

To learn more about the Jupe pod and the Bowlus Terra Firma, and Airstream trailers, purchase Journal #369 at

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