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New Talent: New Entries from Temple University, Tyler School of Art Students Hollis Campbell & Craig Moscony

Our latest entries for the New Talent Annual 2020 feature creative illustrations, drawing influence from the landscape…

Graphis Master: Illustrator Michael Deas, Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #356

Graphis Master Michael Deas offers iconic illustrations, imbued with grace and spirit. His work may even seem…

Graphis Master Richard Hess: A Man of Many Talents

Richard Hess has had an illustrious career that started with a desire to become a full-time painter….

Graphis Master: Tim O’Brien’s Illustrations Play with Pop Culture

The prolific illustrator brings new meaning to America’s favorite images

New Talent: SVA’s Eileen Hedy Schultz, Tina Fong, and Carin Goldberg Inspire a New Generation of Designers

The School of Visual Arts continues to cultivate up-and-coming designers

Graphis Master: Bart Forbes is as Americana As It Gets

The prolific illustrator and artist Bart Forbes is the subject of this week’s Graphis master spotlight.

Graphis Master: Marshall Arisman

There are a thousand reasons to celebrate iconic artist and Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame initiate Marshall Arisman‘s…

The Copyright Conundrum

Henry Leutwyler shot the cover photograph of the late James Gandolfini’s Cadillac (above left) for The New…

Graphis Master Craig Frazier: People You Probably Know

Graphis Master Craig Frazier illustrated the artwork above and below as part of his personal series, “A…

Master Series: Robert Rodriguez

Illustration Master – Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez is the most recent addition to the lineup of Graphis Art/Illustration…