Graphis Master Craig Frazier Presents Illustrations That Speak Without Words

Craig Frazier has been designing and illustrating since 1978. He officially opened his own business in 1980 as Frazier Design. He has worked on many advertising, communication, and annual report projects for corporate businesses. After gaining success as a designer, Frazier dedicated himself to illustration in 1996. He has contributed work for many print publications including the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and more. He quickly established a distinct identity for himself with simplistic character design, vivid colors, minimalistic details, and the dry wit that characterizes his work.

An important element of his artwork that makes his illustrations so memorable is the way Frazier can illustrate thought-provoking concepts without providing words or context. Many of his art pieces can be discussed at length about their social significance. His work “Device Addiction (above, left) is a profound piece that without words, accurately describes someone who is ‘drowning,’ both metaphorically and physically. The character’s snorkel gear suggests that he is prepared and intentionally letting himself be engulfed by his attachment to his phone. Frazier’s work “Book Float (above, right) is another example of an illustration that speaks without words, as a floating book opens up to flying birds. For this design, Frazier continues to apply the cartoonish style that makes his illustrations unique.

He is also able to execute stylish label designs with an element of storytelling. Entitled “Realm Cellars” (above), he created a sophisticated design for Realm Cellars wine bottles.

Craig Frazier has become one of the iconic masters of bold illustrations. The accessibility and creativity that he demonstrates makes him and his work timeless.

See more of his extraordinary work on his Graphis Master Portfolio.

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